24. lokakuuta 2010

5 challenges at once

Nine things about yourself.

1. I love life.
2. I try all the time to be as positive as I can.
3. I should study hard but I'm a bit lazy nowadays.
4. I want to travel to England as an au pair!
5. I talk A LOT.
6. People say I laugh a lot too.
7. I love to get to know new people.
8. When I draw or write it makes me relax.
9. And I'm kind of computer nerd, haha! But the good way only! :-D

Eight ways to win your heart.

1. Be nice to me.
2. Tell me how lovely I am.
3. Surprise me.
4. Show me you care about me.
5. Don't underrate my opinions or things I like.
6. Ask me things.
7. Make me laugh.
8. Be yourself.

Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1. Where the time goes?
2. Am I lazy?
3. Can I eat that chocolate bar?
4. Can the world be rescued?
5. Do they like me?
6. Why people are so negative and mean?
7. What I am supposed to say?
Two smileys that describe your life right now.

1. -.-
2. :--)

One confession

1. I have never drunk alcohol or smoked a cigarette and I'm so extremely proud of it.

+ I decided to write some english today. If there's some readers who would like me to write texts in english more often, just let me know!
It is possible to write a little translation in the end of postings if it's needed. :-)

3 kommenttia:

lara&sara kirjoitti...

We are so proud of you too :)!!

You are so positive person<3

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

mullon viestit loppu ja nyt ne maksaa yli 10-kertasesti ni en tekstaile ja hirvee kasa koulujuttui ja koeviikko ensviikol ja äääääää. en ehi hirveesti koneellakaa olla ku kauhe stressi pääl kokoaja. mutmutmut jutellaan joskus täs paremmal ajal. :--) jos vaikka satutaan samaan aikaan msn tai fb.


Johanna kirjoitti...

Lara&Sara: Hahaa you guys are so lovely! <3

Nasu: Voivoii :--( Koita pärjäillä murunen! Yritän bongaa sut mesestä pian pian! <3